Decorating for Spring & Easter

Hi everyone!

Yes, i’m decorating for Spring and Easter over here in my

little apartment.

I really had no idea how to decorate around a t.v.

So I moved it.


getting ready for Spring!

Now it’s not the first thing I see when I walk in the door.


You can tell a Young Adult male lives here…

Pay no attention to the mug on the coffee table..

This is his part of the living room.

So yeah…

It gets messy.

My poor Easter placemats all wonky.

At least they are there..Snuck those in.hehe

Not that my side doesn’t get all messy..

getting ready for Spring!

That’s my Crochet corner!

My end table has lots of yarn bits..

Could be worse. :)

getting ready for Spring!

I strung bunnies up. ( wow.That sounds bad. )

Hung them up in my empty picture frames.

Onto the wall they went!

Now…. how to hide the wireless stuff.

getting ready for Easter!

My Spring towels should do the trick!

getting ready for Easter!

Now if only I could get the towel straight. lol

Love the black cable in the back. Not.

I have not figured out how to hide those, other than using my little chairs.

I should crochet myself a thinking cap to figure this stuff out.

In other news!

My son is volunteering at a thrift store..

This is good!

And , well , bad.

I , of course, had to go check it out.

You’ll never guess what I found!

So i’ll show you :)

green crochet blanket from thrift store

One crocheted green blanket…..


purple crochet blanket from thrift store

one crocheted purple blanket!

Actually, there were lots more..But I liked these the best.

Talk about a Springtime Score!

green crochet blanket from thrift store

purple crochet blanket from thrift store

I found lots of other stuff too..

It’s o.k. though.

I have already donated 2 boxes of stuff, and as soon as the weather warms up,

we’ll go through stuff in the storage area.



I’m loving this.


Now they are nicely settled on the couches..

purple crochet blanket for Spring

Love my donut

green crochet blanket for Spring

Spring Cleaning….. Here we come!!!!

I better hop to it!

Till next time, have a lovely start to March!


Crochet Circle jewelry set

Hi there!

More crochet! A jewelry set this time.

Remember these earrings?

crochet flower earrings

I decided to make some new ones this year.

This time around, I went with simple circles..

pink & yellow crochet circle earrings

Same yarn :)

I found new earring findings that just slip on..

I got them at my local Walmart, so I don’t have a link.

Of course I threw the package away..


earring finding for crochet earrings


They are sooo much easier than the ones where you have to pry open the circle carefully.

Like these..

fish hook

Or the ones you slip on like these..

Kidney hook

I’m all for easy..Easy makes me happy!

This year I added a pendant!

pink & yellow crochet necklace

I just crocheted 2 circles and then added a little yarn ball on top.

layers of crochet for necklace

Hot glued them all together and  there we go!

I use round bail plates like these on the backs.

silver plated bail

I usually sandwich the bail in between my crochet and a piece of felt.

back of crochet necklace

The felt makes it softer against the skin.

height of pendant with felt added

Seeeee..No blue this blog

At work with my matching lanyard..

yellow & pink crochet jewelry

Chilling at home in the cold..


crochet circle jewelry

The yarn I used is

Rico Design Creative Cotton from Deramores.

The colors are Vanilla and Rose.

pink and yellow crochet circle jewelry

In other news….

I have no idea how to decorate around a t.v.



This is where I am at now with the living room.

How do I decorate around a t.v.

We had to take the bookshelves out since we needed them elsewhere.

I was going to cover the t.v. with fabric.

Well…That’s out.

See how it was?

Living room after Christmas

If anyone has a good idea for hiding these things, send em’ my way please!


Until next time. Have a great week!


Another blue scarf..But it has pom poms on it!

Hi there!

I know..A blue crochet scarf.


It’s a different one.

Kinda felt like I should make another one after seeing the last post :)

This one has…

Pom poms!

Mint crochet granny scarf with pom poms

I just scrunched up the ends and tied them on..


I did make pom pom earrings to match.

Cause how could I not?

Scarf and pom pom earrings!

Pom poms make me happy.

The next time I wore the scarf was different.

I took the pom poms off the ends..

Wrapped it around my neck and pinned it together.

pom poms galore! (1)

Works for me!

The pin is made from 3 pom poms I made hot glued to felt.

Mint, yellow and white.

pom pom earrings and pin (1)

You can see the felt in the above picture.

Then I just hot glued a pin back on.


DIY pin!

I gravitate towards yellow at this time of year.

It’s just so darn cold.At least there is no snow..

In other news…

My son and I decided to try a new savings plan..

It’s called piggy banks.

In my case : Toothless from How to Train your Dragon

In his case : Pikachu from Pokemon

Pikachu & Toothless piggy banks


I love my Toothless..

Toothless piggy bank.Cause everyone needs one, right?

I think he loves me too..

Toothless bank.A new way of saving!

Who knows.I could be a millionaire next lifetime year..


And wow.I am wearing blue.

Hmmm. Never knew I had so much.

I promise , next post, no blue….


I do have new earrings to show you that aren’t blue.

My son says they look like donuts.

Until next time.

Happy February!


Christmas decorating

Christmas decorating?

In January?

I know, it’s late…But New Year, New Kid!

I have been rearranging….a lot.

I thought I would take you back to August, where I left off.

Thinking and pinning Christmas ideas..

Remember this room?

I actually moved everything into the Living Room.

Like so.

Crochet corner before Christmas

I wanted to lighten everything in here for Winter..

Living room before Christmas

It gets no sun..

PicMonkey  to the rescue!

Crochet corner in the living room

It’s a little Crochet Corner!

So here I was, thinking and pinning..

I was liking Bright colors this year.

Colors of Christmas 2014

I was making pom poms..The color wasn’t exactly what I wanted.

But I kept at it.

Making vignettes..

Ready for a bright Christmas!

Moving things around..

Playing around with Christmas ideas

And then..

My son moved in!

And brought a lot of stuff with him.

I didn’t really have much time to redecorate for Christmas after that.

Kept the little tree.

Lit up Christmas tree

Bright bulbs and white lights..And my crocheted lollipop for a topper :)

Little Christmas tree

Made some different pom poms and a motif and strung them up inside a frame.

Also made one for the *fake* mantel we built.

( Using little shelves from Wal-Mart )

Hung 2 generic red stockings..

Christmas after Drake moved in!

And called it good.

Now that Christmas is over, it looks different.

My son woke up the other day and said to me..

Son : ” You changed everything “

Me : ” Yes..Now it’s time to decorate for Spring! “

Son : ” But that’s 3 months away! “

Me : ” Welcome to ..My Own Beautiful Mind.

Where I am always changing things around, usually ahead of the season. “

I start listening to Christmas music in July..

To take my mind off the heat..

I start thinking about Christmas decorating in August..

I start decorating for Spring in January..

It works for me..

Anyone else do that?

Oh well..

This pin says it all..


I like being weird.

Have a great week!

New Year, New Kid

Hi everyone!

After many months of no computer, only a tablet, I am back!

My son, Drake, moved in and he brought a laptop with him:)


Of course when we went grocery shopping we had to try on hats….

And take selfies…


selfie time!


He felt left out..

So he said to put a hat on too.



trying on hats


Not exactly my colors..

So we went over to the womens area.


blue hat with pom pom


O.k.More my colors..

Loved that pom pom!

And then I saw these….


fluffy pink ear muffs


Fluffy pink earmuffs!

Too bad I don’t wear



We took a day trip to Ashland yesterday to walk around the park and downtown.

How could we not when the sun was actually shining?

It’s supposed to rain the rest of the week, so now was our chance!




Meet my son, Drake…

Imitating ” The Thinker ”

He can be a goofball, just like me :)


lunchtime in Ashland!


Me. eating.

I must love that scarf. I wore it again.


My first crafty make of the year was making a printable to put above the computer desk.

I made it in 2 colors.

take time

First a green..


Take time to do what makes your soul happy

Then a pink..


It’s actually my take on this pin from my * Crafty Creative Quotes & Stuff *

Pinterest board.

I ended up using the pink.

Only because the frame I was slapping white paint on wouldn’t cover

the pink all the way! :)

The pink didn’t show up very well so I colored it in with a colored pencil.

Taped it to the back of the frame and..


take time to do what makes your soul happy



Instant art. Yipee!

That’s it for now.

Stay safe and warm ( or cool, depending on where you live ) this January!


Pinterest Christmas ~ Boards

Hi there!

How has your Summer been treating you?

I got alot done on my first vacation in August.

I have moved around rooms in anticipation of no light in Winter.

I have been playing around with my Pinterest boards, getting ready for Winter..




Pinterest Boards for Winter



I like to change them based on the seasons, kinda get them to match if possible..Colors and such.

I added two new Christmas ones this year.

The first is a Christmas board with bright things..



Christmas ~ All Is Bright ~ Pinterest Board




Here you will find things for a Merry & Bright Christmas!

The other one is Christmas digitals and printables.


Christmas ~ Digital Delights ~ Pinterest Board


Here you will find digitals of Clip Art and printables for parties,gift tags, etc..


I made a secret board of Christmas ideas and then I transfer them over so they are not flooding peoples feeds..

Not everyone gets ready for Christmas early like me. :)

It’s a bit time-consuming.Following old pins to make sure they are still active, especially the printables.

But, no sense in having pins that don’t go anywhere.

There are some though that I couldn’t find the origin, but I kept for inspiration.

Alot of pins are from people that have done ” round-ups ” , which is good..I just follow the link and pin from the original site.


So now all I have to do this vacation is decorate!

Which isn’t easy..since I don’t want to buy anything…much… :)

So I will be making most of the decorations.

The only downside…

My place is tiny and dark during Winter so I have to be careful not to have too much going on, or it will turn into a Dark & Gloomy area, instead of Merry & Bright!


I think there will also be some reading going on..

and candy..

and twinkle lights..

vacation reading 2



Until next time…

Happy Crafting!


Crochet Carnivale Cushion..What Happened???

Hi there!

Ah yes..The Carnivale Cushion I started..

Awhile ago….

Remember this?

Carnivale Cushion crochet-along


Whatever happened to that?

I got stuck on the pom pom  trim.I guess I wasn’t in the right frame of mind to learn how to do them.Too much other stuff occupying my mind at the time.

So what did I do?

I made do.

Like always. :)

It didn’t fit together stitch by stitch. Oh well. I just crocheted randomly around it..Different stitches..

Then left it.

Came back to it after seeing some ribbon I had with pom poms on them..

* Lightbulb ! *

I started playing around with it. I could glue it to the outside..


How about weave it into these big holes I had created doing my random stitches.


fake bobble trim

Sooo..That was done…But it didn’t lay flat..The edge was too floppy..

What to do..


I could put it on top of my stool!

This is what it looked like before..

Brand new stool!

That makeover was from my post here.

And I didn’t notice until I put the above picture in, that the pom pom trim I used is from those

puffy crochet cover top

It’s still floppy..But it looks better on a stool than on a chair.

crochet cover

Reminds me of a hat:) It’s very puffy.

And so now..It sits there..Near a wall.To see as I walk in the door.

Just to look pretty crochet stool cover

Ready for..

Nothing really..

Just to look cute:)

So now I am finishing a fall project.

I like the Fall weather, just not many of the decorations.

Fall project

Not really my colors:)

Fall crochet leaves

Some of the leaves are crocheted using the pattern from Attic 24..

Mine turned out different. Guess I did them wrong.

It’s still shaped like a leaf though! :)

Now that I am on vacation I can start decorating for Christmas!

Which usually takes me until Christmas to do, since I make almost everything myself.

How about you?

Do you start thinking Christmas things this early?

Until next time..

Happy Crafting!