Pinterest Christmas ~ Boards

Hi there!

How has your Summer been treating you?

I got alot done on my first vacation in August.

I have moved around rooms in anticipation of no light in Winter.

I have been playing around with my Pinterest boards, getting ready for Winter..




Pinterest Boards for Winter



I like to change them based on the seasons, kinda get them to match if possible..Colors and such.

I added two new Christmas ones this year.

The first is a Christmas board with bright things..



Christmas ~ All Is Bright ~ Pinterest Board




Here you will find things for a Merry & Bright Christmas!

The other one is Christmas digitals and printables.


Christmas ~ Digital Delights ~ Pinterest Board


Here you will find digitals of Clip Art and printables for parties,gift tags, etc..


I made a secret board of Christmas ideas and then I transfer them over so they are not flooding peoples feeds..

Not everyone gets ready for Christmas early like me. :)

It’s a bit time-consuming.Following old pins to make sure they are still active, especially the printables.

But, no sense in having pins that don’t go anywhere.

There are some though that I couldn’t find the origin, but I kept for inspiration.

Alot of pins are from people that have done ” round-ups ” , which is good..I just follow the link and pin from the original site.


So now all I have to do this vacation is decorate!

Which isn’t easy..since I don’t want to buy anything…much… :)

So I will be making most of the decorations.

The only downside…

My place is tiny and dark during Winter so I have to be careful not to have too much going on, or it will turn into a Dark & Gloomy area, instead of Merry & Bright!


I think there will also be some reading going on..

and candy..

and twinkle lights..

vacation reading 2



Until next time…

Happy Crafting!


Crochet Carnivale Cushion..What Happened???

Hi there!

Ah yes..The Carnivale Cushion I started..

Awhile ago….

Remember this?

Carnivale Cushion crochet-along


Whatever happened to that?

I got stuck on the pom pom  trim.I guess I wasn’t in the right frame of mind to learn how to do them.Too much other stuff occupying my mind at the time.

So what did I do?

I made do.

Like always. :)

It didn’t fit together stitch by stitch. Oh well. I just crocheted randomly around it..Different stitches..

Then left it.

Came back to it after seeing some ribbon I had with pom poms on them..

* Lightbulb ! *

I started playing around with it. I could glue it to the outside..


How about weave it into these big holes I had created doing my random stitches.


fake bobble trim

Sooo..That was done…But it didn’t lay flat..The edge was too floppy..

What to do..


I could put it on top of my stool!

This is what it looked like before..

Brand new stool!

That makeover was from my post here.

And I didn’t notice until I put the above picture in, that the pom pom trim I used is from those

puffy crochet cover top

It’s still floppy..But it looks better on a stool than on a chair.

crochet cover

Reminds me of a hat:) It’s very puffy.

And so now..It sits there..Near a wall.To see as I walk in the door.

Just to look pretty crochet stool cover

Ready for..

Nothing really..

Just to look cute:)

So now I am finishing a fall project.

I like the Fall weather, just not many of the decorations.

Fall project

Not really my colors:)

Fall crochet leaves

Some of the leaves are crocheted using the pattern from Attic 24..

Mine turned out different. Guess I did them wrong.

It’s still shaped like a leaf though! :)

Now that I am on vacation I can start decorating for Christmas!

Which usually takes me until Christmas to do, since I make almost everything myself.

How about you?

Do you start thinking Christmas things this early?

Until next time..

Happy Crafting!

It was a Crochet kind of birthday!

Hi there!
July is my birthday month..
And boy. The stuff I got:)

Had to share 3 of my favorites.

I treated myself to some of my favorite yarn . This is the blue colorway.

You can get some too at Color n’ Cream. ( After her vacation )


My favorite yarn!


A new mug!

This is so me. Well, maybe cause it’s from me:)


Crocheter powered by donuts mug

Mug is from CafePress..It’s the part of the Crocheter powered by Donuts Gift Collection..

And last…But not least..

A wooden crochet hook! (Thank you  L! )


birthday crochet hook!


It’s so pretty don’t you think?

And here is my mug and hook together..


Crochet hook & mug


Perfect huh? lol

All in all a Crochet kinda birthday:)

Loved it!

Happy Birthday to all who are celebrating a birthday!







A Very Minty Christmas- in July!

Hi there!

Everyone surviving the heat ( or snow ) wherever you are?


Just barely..ick.

I have a new crochet earring and necklace set to show off  you! lol

The original pattern is for Peppermint christmas candies from Petals to Picot.

She uses traditional red and white.

Those colors didn’t work for my costume , so I used pastels:)

Mint, white and pink.

Here are the earrings




Minty crochet earrings!


I love making earrings..Especially small ones.

If you make oopsies – such as –

One bigger than the other…

One of the holes bigger than the other…

etc, etc..

Most times it’s not noticed because you are either walking or moving your head from side to side.

Not alot of opputunity to see a straight full on view. Well, in my job anyways:)


Onto the necklace..


Minty crochet necklace!


This was the pendant. I hung it from some pink & white twine that I had from , like, 2 years ago.

Jenny & Aaron from Everyday is a Holiday like to wrap their products in twine ( and include taffy! YUM ).

*hmm..sidetrack thought…wonder if they will ever do a mint pastel candy line like these..For those of us who

just have to be non-tradional at Christmastime..hehe*

I made a purchase after Hurricane Sandy  and I had saved it, knowing I would use it somehow.

Doesn’t everyone do that?:)



Last picture of them together..


Minty crochet & earring set!


And in case you were wondering..

about the title…

about who I was dressed as..

I was  * Minty * from My Little Pony.

She even had her own movie!




A Very Minty Christmas!


It’s been so hot here…you know, it being Summer and all, I guess I just wanted some cooling Christmas thoughts

floating around:)

That’s it for now! Off to work before my 2 days off:)

Have a great day!


P.S. wait till I show you the birthday present I got.




…For a crocheter:)








Random Ramble-Compliments

Hey there!

How is the summer treating you?

Weather forecast calls for 105 degree weather today.

How lovely.


Hello July.

I got a compliment recently that I think was pretty awesome.

My customer was a lovely elderly lady in maybe her 70’s. She said to me,

” That dress is very becoming on you. “

How often do you hear the word * becoming * used like that in this day and age?

I never do.

That’s not to say it was my first compliment of the day. I had already gotten a couple ” pretty dress ” ones.

Why did I keep going back and remembering the elderly lady’s compliment?






She got me.

Not just the dress, but me.

My body type is hard to shop for.

So, to me, I heard. ” The dress fits well ( as well as it can anyways..), good job choosing it. ”

After all my hard ( it’s a pain in the ass ) work figuring out pairings ( it was a dress & cardi ) I got

it right.






After that I began to think of compliments…in general.

My coworker is also good at giving compliments.

One day I was in a * Drama * mood .

Despite the fact that my outfit and make-up were not his * cup of tea *..he still complimented me.


By saying that he really appreciates my ability to change my look from one day to the next.

About how creative I am.






He got me.

Not the outfit or make-up, but the creativity I put into it.

Make-up and outfits are not always about looking like the next supermodel ( i’m too short…among other

For some people, it’s just another blank canvas that they can use to color their world with fun!

And it’s cheaper than buying blank canvases all the time.:)






It’s made me realize I could really work on the compliments I give.

I have always tended to stick with generic…Love those colors!…Love it!..etc..

Which can be good on some social media sites..FB, Twitter..etc.

But in real life – In real life I could be more creative with my compliments.

Hmm…Creative Compliments..That sounds catchy!


Funny…The lady probably really only meant to say it was a pretty dress, but just used a different word. lol

But look how it got me thinking:P


I’m off to get ready for another day of work. Stay cool!

Until next time,



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