Decorate with Crochet!

Hi guys!

Nooo.. This isn’t about crocheting things to decorate your home.

More like…

This book.

use what you have decorating book


I saw it in a bookstore, but didn’t actually read it.

I don’t know anything about design principles or anything.

My take-away message from the title is…well..

Use what you have to decorate your home!

Which brings me to my crochet.


blue crochet cowl & flower pin



I made this back in January or February – can’t remember when. I was on a blue kick for some reason and so held off on showing it here, because of all the other blue scarves I was writing about.

I kept wearing it, but forgot to show it to you!


I added the flower pin this summer. It lets me pin it closer to my neck.


blue crochet set


Really handy with my short hair. It’s so cold where I work, I usually wear something warm even through summer.


green crochet earrings


I made simple one round sc button earrings.


back of green crochet earrings


Hot-glued them to the back of these..


flat back earring


And called it a day!

Easy peasy.


Soooo. What on earth does this have to do with decorating?

Like the title says. ( not necessarily what the book is about )

Use what you have…when decorating!


So I did.

use what you have decorating- in this case, a cowl!


Summertime Christmas decorating..


use what you have decorating- in this case, a cowl!


Now Fall Christmas decorating….

I just plop my cowl in a container and there ya go!

The colors I need, without spending money!

Cause you know how much I redecorate..



I could say I was thrifty.

Or lazy.

Or both.

I am both, but since I love the look – who cares???

Here is the original picture I took of my cowl.


blue crochet cowl and ring


You can barely tell, but there is a blue ring sitting on top. :)…to the left.

So anyhoo. This is my kind of decorating since I can’t crochet afghans or blankets or the like. I buy those at the Thrift Store!

Please tell me i’m not the only one who does this?


In other news



How to train your dragon


The final book in the * How to train your Dragon * series is out!

I’m totally into it already…


Talk to you soon!


Surprise back porch


I came home the other day to a surprise.

A slightly different back porch.

I was decorating for Christmas..


back porch Christmas


I walked through the door and saw this..


Back porch now...



Seems they cut down all the bushes in the yard downstairs.

A trim would have been nice…

Keep some green..

Back porch now...


There are bushes on the property behind us…and a big gray building.

I guess a gray wall can be considered a neutral background to decorate with?


Back porch now....


I can’t remember the last time I saw the neighbors back yards…


Back porch now...


I get some late afternoon sun from this direction.

I need to find fake plants and hang them..

Or shower curtains with a Forest or Mountain scene…


Or something…

For now, gray…

Right before Winter comes.


Now I know how people in big cities feel. Look out a window and there is a building right there.

I suppose it’s good. Making room for new growth. Maybe they were infected or something. I have lived here for 13 years and no tenant that has lived downstairs have ever taken care of that huge yard. I hope the Property Management Company is a little pickier this time around. ( Neighbors just moved out )

In other news!

I need to really come up with a new storage system for the crochet accessories I make.

crochet accessories

They are currently on latch hook rugs…cut up…without the

Pinterest here I come!

Have a great week!




#Mandalas for Marinke

Hi guys!

I got my package sent off to Kathryn from Crochet Concupiscence. for the #MandalasForMarinke project.


Mandalas for Marinke ready to be sent

I had made the 2 already.

The first one..

healing mandala for Wink


The second..


Hello Lovely soap


I tried to make another…without yellow this time!


Mandala for Marinke attempt


Then I gave up.

Just was not feeling it.

I wanted them to be about blue skies and sunshine. To focus on the light, that was Wink.

I’m probably projecting.

Where I live, I get hardly any sun – or see the sky much.

So, I proceeded to pack the 2 up. Added some pom poms for protection.

I thought Wink would approve of the silly packing material. :)


pom pom packaging material


And off they went.

I’m not much of a writer ( thank goodness for ) , but I can crochet

for a cause.


 I came across one of my first practice pieces for crocheting in the round.

One of my first crochet circles


I made this – ohh..3 years ago maybe?

Kinda threw me off…

I used the same 3 colors – yellow, blue and white…



 In other news…

I seem to be the only one who can’t color…

Have yourself a Colorful Creative Christmas!

Well..I can..but so far, it doesn’t calm me like the books say they do.

I’m thinking I will have to try again – but this time while watching a movie or


It’s the same thing with crochet.

I need something else to focus on ( aside from coloring or crochet ), or my brain goes haywire. Too much thinking..

At any rate..I have a feeling it’s going to be a Colorful Creative Christmas this year.

That’s it for now!

Have a great week :)







Random Ramble – Playing with PicMonkey

Hello again!

Yup. Playing with graphics again.

This time with PicMonkey !

Just dreaming of the ultimate Christmas…

very merry crochet christmas


You never know.It could come true…:)


crochet christmas 1


People keep saying to…


Dream Big wall art from rkbrushworks

Dream Big Wall Art by rkbrushworks on Etsy


So i’ll just keep dreaming, thank you very much :)




Random Ramble -Canva Creating!

Hey there!

What better way to distract myself from pain, then with Canva!

So while I have a brief moment of non-pain, I decided to play with Canva!

By the way, Canva has a new thing called Canva for Work..Awesome!!! I played around with it for awhile. My favorite feature so far is being able to save colors..Niiiice!

I found this saying on an old Seize the Day Boxed Calendar  while trying to de-clutter..

From 2012 See…trying to de-clutter..

But here it is. Reworked into a picture :)

Always remember to be happy because you never know who's falling in love with your smile -Author Unknown


It says Author Unknown.

I must remember to get the new one.

seize the day box calendar



In other news!

I brought out the red rug for the holidays!

red rug for Christmas decorating 2015

So, a little bit here, a little bit there.

gathering supplies for Christmas 2015

Still gathering supplies. Making circles.

making crochet Christmas ornaments 2015

Who knows what they will become!!!

I may even have everything made by Christmas :)

I must go to work now. Have a great week!


Random Ramble – color fun!

Hey there!

How was your July?

Mine was crazy busy. Lots of events at work I had to create stuff for.

One of those creative moments entailed going to the thrift store. I realized then, how much I love thrift stores. ( where I live anyways. ) I love walking in and everything is arranged by color. I go directly to the colors I love!






woohoo! Saves so much time :)

Soooo…I had to go home and redo my closet……


colorful closet


Probably should have cleaned it before posting it for all the world to see…hmmm.

Maybe next time.:)

No biggie. My camera sucks ( and my apartment is a cave ) so I have to lighten the pictures up anyways..So much so –  you probably can’t tell what anything is :)

I’m calling it – Impressionist Photography –

mhm…that’s what it is…


And after that…the bathroom!


colorful make-up


I once read a book ( not all of it, just some ) about organizing for people with ADHD…or was it ADD…

Anyways..It basically said put everything where you can see it. Which is kinda…um..

a bummer, cause I would rather have it in a drawer..


It said you are more apt to put things away…this way..

Huh….It’s true..I do..How about that?

( No, I don’t have ADHD…Or ADD…as far as I know anyways…Just thought the book was interesting! )



colorful hair things


Well then.Fine…

Everything, o.k., not everything, but most used items out..

In that case..

I will go the Goodwill route and put all the same colors together!

Most of them anyways. :)


Onwards to the living room!

Books…red , pink and orange.


colorful books


More books…blue and purple..


colorful books

More books…white..

crafty book love

I’m getting into this color thing :)

Wonder what I can do next? lol

Anyone else do this?

It’s so darn satisfying..

In other news!!!!

I am sneaking in Christmas stuff!

A little stocking here……

sneaky Christmas decorations :)

A little stocking there…

sneaky Christmas decorations :)

Christmas music playing…

The tree ( a little 3 ft. one ) is up..No ornaments decorating it yet.

I’m gathering items from around the house that will go with my colors this year.

I bought the Farm Chicks Christmas book last year ( see red stack of books )

and am hoping to get a chance to use it this year!

Farm Chicks Christmas book

Yup, it’s August..Seems like every August I take a vacation and plan Christmas.

I get 2 weeks off this month! Yay!

But for now..I must get ready for work.

Bye for now!




Mandalas for Wink

I didn’t know I would make my co-worker a mandala/dreamcatcher. Not in

the beginning. I didn’t know what I was going to make. It just kinda came to me.

So I made one. Gathered up all the stuff I had..and made one.

I gave it to her on Monday..

And the next Monday, I read about Wink.

Kinda threw me for a loop.

I love her work.

Her use of bright colors.

And sometimes not :)

I have always been drawn to circles, so her work really resonated with me.

She will be missed by so many.

So many that didn’t know her personally, but she made a difference in their

lives by designing healing mandalas.


Kathryn from Crochet Concupiscence explains her feelings in this post.

Sounds a lot like what I was feeling.

So I dug out an old magazine..


Simply Crochet magazine


Settled down with a candle, yarn and hook.


healing mandala


And got to work.

Me being me…

It’s not perfect because I have trouble reading patterns sometimes..


healing mandala


I should learn to read charts….

But anyhoo..Onward I went.

Took me about 3 hours or so.


healing mandala for Wink


I blocked it and everything :)


healing Mandala for Wink


Kathryn has put together a project to raise awareness about depression.




I wish I could see the project when it’s finished. I bet it will be Beautiful.


When I was about halfway through my mandala, I got an e-mail from my LYS.


Jennie's Yarn Shop



Jennie from Jennie’s Yarn Shop sent out a newsletter letting people know she & Natalie will be in the shop on Sunday the 5th to help people make mandalas.

I hope to go.

If not, at least I made a mandala.

Funny how everything just…I don’t know the word.

Blended maybe?..

Kind of like:

This happened, then this, then this, etc.

And this, my friends, is why I keep my writing to a minimum! :)



Also, people are wearing flowers in their hair for wink.

Here is mine.




I love how the crochet community has come together to support one another.

If you read Kathryns post, you can see more people speaking out about depression in the comments section. That’s always a good thing.

I’m gonna say bye for now.

RIP Marinke aka Wink




No more lanyards….


I swear I have been a busy bee in preparation for Summertime…Really!

My son and I found a great place to unload stuff ( Goodwill ). It’s so easy.

You drive up and they take whatever you have.So coool.

Bleh. The place where I work decided that we can only wear * Company * lanyards..


And you know how much I love black…

Not much..


So there they were..

Green and lavender crochet jewelry


All set to go with my lanyard…


Green crochet lanyard.


Legit magnetic clasp and all.

did get to wear it a couple times before the ban…woohoo!

Hmm..So what now?


green and lavender crochet lanyard, pin & earrings


I know!

green and lavender crochet pin and lanyard


Guess i’ll stick the pin on the necklace and call it good!

green and lavender crochet jewelry set


I wrapped this around twice and pinned it to my sweater so it would stay in place.hehe

Holy cow. I am using my sons phone here to take a selfie. Obviously I need practice..Hmm

                In other news!

I made a mandala/dreamcatcher for my co-workers birthday!

I wrapped some cotton yarn around an embroidery hoop.

beginning mandala

I crocheted the center and secured it to the embroidery hoop with more yarn.

crochet mandala/dreamcatcher 1


Added some bits and bobs from my stash.


birthday mandala!


Beads.Crochet chains.sea glass.hemp.


Birthday mandala!


Crocheted some leaves because I didn’t have any real ones on hand.:P


Birthday mandala!


I kinda, sorta, really wanted to keep it..


Birthday crochet mandala/dreamcatcher!


It looked so neat hanging there..

But it was not meant to be..


Birthday mandala/dreamcatcher!


Bye bye Mandala..or dreamcatcher..

It was funny, because the Birthday Girl came to work wearing very similar colors to the  colors that I had used in the mandala! lol


That’s it for me..Well, not really..That’s it for now :)

How about you? Have you been a busy bee?

Till next time!



Spring jewelry set


Hello again!

How has everyone’s Spring been so far?

Mine..busy.I’m a little worn out.

I did make a new jewelry set.

With beads this time!

Spring jewelry set


Nothing like pastels to get you into the season right?

There is a bracelet..

Spring bracelet

A pair of earrings..

Spring earrings

And a necklace..

Spring necklace

Spring necklace clasp

They make me happy.:)

Spring jewelry set

In other news

Turns out I am too blind to see the t.v. from all the way

across the room.

So I put my Crochet back into the corner.

Crochet corner 2015




That’s it for now!

Off to crochet my stress away. :)



Decorating for Spring & Easter

Hi everyone!

Yes, i’m decorating for Spring and Easter over here in my

little apartment.

I really had no idea how to decorate around a t.v.

So I moved it.


getting ready for Spring!

Now it’s not the first thing I see when I walk in the door.


You can tell a Young Adult male lives here…

Pay no attention to the mug on the coffee table..

This is his part of the living room.

So yeah…

It gets messy.

My poor Easter placemats all wonky.

At least they are there..Snuck those in.hehe

Not that my side doesn’t get all messy..

getting ready for Spring!

That’s my Crochet corner!

My end table has lots of yarn bits..

Could be worse. :)

getting ready for Spring!

I strung bunnies up. ( wow.That sounds bad. )

Hung them up in my empty picture frames.

Onto the wall they went!

Now…. how to hide the wireless stuff.

getting ready for Easter!

My Spring towels should do the trick!

getting ready for Easter!

Now if only I could get the towel straight. lol

Love the black cable in the back. Not.

I have not figured out how to hide those, other than using my little chairs.

I should crochet myself a thinking cap to figure this stuff out.

In other news!

My son is volunteering at a thrift store..

This is good!

And , well , bad.

I , of course, had to go check it out.

You’ll never guess what I found!

So i’ll show you :)

green crochet blanket from thrift store

One crocheted green blanket…..


purple crochet blanket from thrift store

one crocheted purple blanket!

Actually, there were lots more..But I liked these the best.

Talk about a Springtime Score!

green crochet blanket from thrift store

purple crochet blanket from thrift store

I found lots of other stuff too..

It’s o.k. though.

I have already donated 2 boxes of stuff, and as soon as the weather warms up,

we’ll go through stuff in the storage area.



I’m loving this.


Now they are nicely settled on the couches..

purple crochet blanket for Spring

Love my donut

green crochet blanket for Spring

Spring Cleaning….. Here we come!!!!

I better hop to it!

Till next time, have a lovely start to March!