Lets take a walk

The sun was out!

She decided to sit in the room that has the most light.

That room has a desk, so making bracelets was the plan of the hour.

Making bracelets

Listening to sermons on YouTube.

Getting confused.

So many people.

So many interpretations of the bible.

Who is right?

The sun calls her.

She needs to walk.

The Holy Spirit is urging her to go.

She wonders if she should brush her hair.

No, she thinks.

She just goes.

Turning a corner..Oh hi God!

Hi God!

She doesn’t have a camera.

She makes do with the camera that came with her tablet.

Half the time she holds it up and takes a picture without seeing what is on the screen.

She walks on.

Not really thinking about anything other than if she can get a good picture of the clouds.

She loves clouds.

She turns another corner.

Huh. Maybe , she thinks, she should ask Jesus if He wants to go for a walk.

He loves to walk.

That’s how they met.

She knows He’s a great listener.

She chatters away, He listens.

So she asks.

But is silent for a little while after.

She just keeps walking.

More clouds!

She holds the tablet up, pointing it in the direction of the clouds.

Hoping, like always, that it comes out alright.

Hi Jesus!


She sees she got the clouds alright.

And a hello!

What do you know.

Now she knows for sure Jesus is walking with her.

Did she need a sign, and didn’t know it?

Well, she got one.

And starts chattering away.

He knew she needed to talk, even when she didn’t!

Asking questions about the sermon she just heard.

She asks what the right answer is.

She has no idea.

She hopes for more signs.

God didn’t make her the brightest cookie in the cookie jar after all!

She’s getting to be o.k. with that though.

She’ll just keep her eyes peeled for the answer.

Walking home

Heading home, she thinks about the rest of her day.

Taking a walk around the neighborhood

Snuggled up on the couch with her crochet would be nice!

Yellow and white yarn

And she’s finally home.

Her porch decorated for Spring makes her happy.

Front porch 2017

She thanks Jesus for taking a walk.

For listening.

For loving her.

She tells Him she loves Him too.

The Light

It was one of those days when her

beautiful mind was spiraling out of control.

It took hours to get to that point.

And only now – on the drive home –

was she able to speak her thoughts aloud.

She knows God hears her cries.

He listens without criticism.

He knows her thoughts already.

What she is trying to say.

Even when her thoughts

are all scattered.

Like now.

She was driving down the dark road, almost home.

Thoughts whirling; words tumbling out of her mouth.

It was too much! She cried out for her mind to.just.stop.

And suddenly…it did.

Her mouth closed, her face relaxed – she felt a calm come over her.

Woah. She has lived with this mind for over 40 years.

She cannot recall her mind shutting off instantly like that before.


That’s when she noticed she was almost to the end of the road, before she needed to turn.

As she stopped at the stop sign, she looked up and noticed the street light.

As she made her turn – it hit her.

Dark road…tunnel…


What does it mean?

There’s a Light at the end of the tunnel?

There will always be a Light at the end of any tunnel?

She’s not sure.

Whatever it is, she is sure of one thing.

She now knows what to do.

Falling in love – Part 2

Merry Christmas!

Hope you are enjoying the season. I know I am.

Falling in love can do that to a person, huh?

I imagine you are wondering who I have fallen in love with.

Tell ya later😀

What’s a blog post without a little suspense , hmmmm?

But first!

I made myself a new hat.

They go well with the earrings I made last year. ☺


Pom pom hat and earrings

Can. Not. Resist. Pompoms…..

Looking through past photos of Christmas..


christmas 2013


Decorating on a dime…


Playing around with Christmas ideas


Changing my mind…


Christmas after Drake moved in!


New things…


December Christmas


Bright things..



This year has to be the biggest change of..well, my entire life though.

Falling in love…


Christmas 2016


With my home again. Not so bright now. Lol


Christmas nativity


Looking at people’s decorations for Christmas..


Peace on earth


Reading through my advent calendar.


Christmas Cupcakes


Baking for Brothers.


Christmas plush


Gotta have Christmas plush!


And hello! Look at the size of this yam.


Christmas dinner yam


Christmas dinner here I come!



Gifts from friends…



Christmas cookies


Christmas cookies.


Chocolate and Starbucks gift cards


More gifts…chocolate and Starbucks gift cards.

They know me so well.☺


Baileys and wine


Baileys and wine. Is there anything better to put in your coffee than Baileys??? Nooooo.


But the best gift of all, is the gift of love…

Spending time with the ones you love.


Birthday cake for Jesus


Who better to fall in love with than the One that created you?😊

And let’s not forget whose birthday it is today!

Happy Birthday Jesus!

So happy to know you!


And thank you Brother for celebrating His birthday with me. That was…..

The . Best . Present . Ever!  Love you!

Blessings and light to all this Christmas!


Falling in love

Hello there!

Yes. I am falling in love.


With my home.

After so much upheaval with the place being sold, it is now becoming my sanctuary again.

I got a new rug for the front door in early fall.


Bless this home


Fall colors not being my colors I, of course, had to redo it.


Bless this home


Not perfect,but much better. I can live with it until I can buy more paint.

I had been falling in love with my seaside candle this summer.


Seaside candle


Now it is getting to be winter, so I am now falling in love with my Pine tree Candle!


Balsam and Cedar candle



O.k. It’s really called Balsam & Cedar. but, whatever.😉


Balsam and cedar candle


The point is, it smells like a forest!


Crochet and candles


Crochet, coffee and candles…bliss…

I am loving my basket of pinecones.


Basket of pinecones


All the warm colors.

Quite different from last year.


December Christmas


Lol. I still have the porches decorated in bright colors though.😊

But inside.

Inside I just didn’t have time this year. So I kept it simple.


Christmas tree


My little tree with twinkle lights in the corner.


Christmas 2016


I love the warm glow it gives after seeing gray outside all day.


Christmas collage


But really, it’s not so much about what I have fallen in love with, but with who.

I’ll tell you more later.😊

Until next time,

Stay warm!








Mandalas and a new book.

Hello again!

As promised, a look at the mandalas I made from the book I bought!

Here they are…all together.



Since it’s getting  to be that time of year where I have even less light in here, I gave the 2 darker mandalas away. I keep things as light as possible in here.

I have just the one now.


Mint and white mandala


I haven’t done much Christmas decorating. The apartments where I live are in the process of being sold. Many strangers looking through the place. It’s all a bit unsettling.

This is what I have so far..Lol


White Christmas tree 2016

Impressive. I know.

I am still coloring.


Simplify coloring page


And I doodle.




Or is it drawing..or lettering…hmm. whatever it is, it’s fun.

I saw this the other day.


A rainbow


I don’t get to see those too often. It made me pause.

And wonder.

And hope.

And pray.


                                                              In other news!

I bought a new book.




Until next time!


BbBb & ty.


Hello there!

Here it is, already Autumn… Almost Christmastime!

Unlike previous years, where I start planning my Christmas theme during my August vacation,

I got sidetracked.

A good sidetracked.

Sidetracked nonetheless.

So I thought I would share pictures about what I was doing while away this year.

I looked at clouds..



A lot of clouds..


Many hours spent looking at clouds…


Which were waaaay prettier than this.


I bought my phone at a grocery store..


So the camera isn’t great…


Or even good..but whatever.


Walking for 2 hours a day can get boring.


So I took pictures.


Mostly of clouds..


Sometimes flowers..


Interesting tree..


Oh look! Clouds!


Gigantic flower pots at the mall..



But mostly clouds.


Grey clouds.



Do you see anything when you look at clouds?



I never expected to see what I saw.

Or maybe I saw all along, but didn’t know.

Who knew?

Oh right, He knew.



                                                               In other news!

I found a coloring book that I can actually use! It’s large enough for me to see. Yay!

Be You coloring page used as DIY home decor!

So now when I want to redecorate, I can just color a page from a coloring book!

I’m such a cheater. 🙂

Oh and I also bought a new crochet book. Mandalas to Crochet byhaafner Love it.

Mandalas to Crochet book byhaafner

There are soooooo many pretty patterns in the book. I will show you which mandala I made ( 3 of the same ) next time.

Until then, happy Autumn!





Feeling Blue

Hey everyone!

I think my blue kick is done!

Oh wait..I should clarify..

Not wearing blue things…Making blue things!


As you can see, I love blue and green..

blue green jewelry


My goal is to live by the sea…

Just sayin’…:)


blue & green jewelry

Do you see that blue scarf up there? To the right?


Woohoo ..It’s done! I’ve only been working on it for like a month.

Here and there..Just hdc in one loop…

Can’t remember if it was front or back..lol

But it’s done!


blue scarf done!


I also finished weaving in ends for this thing…


blue stripey scarf done!


It was going to be a blanket – but I gave up…

Now I will just wear it around my neck until the weather warms up..


I also finished weaving in the ends for this..


blue stripey crochet..thing


They were going to be wrist warmers – but I gave up.

I have no idea what to do with it. Maybe find a bottle to plunk it over. 🙂

I had to look back through my pics to see how old the yarn was..

I found this from November 2013..

crocheted with love buttons

So it’s only taken me almost 3 years to almost use it all up.


Ah well. It happens to the best of us huh?

Yarn…For decorative purposes only..lol

Stay dry!

Or find some cool water..depending on where you are 🙂




Random Ramble – Little things

Hey everyone!


I find it funny how even though we may be in the midst of chaos,

we sometimes notice little things.

Of course – me being me – it was the color of something.

I lay my clothes out on the bed after washing until I have the energy

to put them away.

Could be a day…

Could be – like this week – ….a week..


This caught my eye.


pastel cami straps


I just lay them out without thinking ( other than camis together )..

And I thought..I like those colors together!

Maybe because I am currently redecorating for Spring?


Easter/Spring 2016 decorating


Aaaand the colors are similar?

I find that funny..


pastel cami straps


They are my favorite colors though..lol


Easter/Spring 2016 decorating


Nothing like looking at light colors when the days are gray and rainy..


pastel cami straps


Like it has been for the past few days..eeeek.


Easter/Spring 2016 decorating


Thank goodness I had most of this done before the New Year.

Life has just been too busy to do any decorating this month…so far.

Can’t wait until it goes back to normal.


How about you?

Are your clothes the same color as your decorating scheme?

lol 🙂

Till next time,

Have a great week!



Merry Christmas!

Hope you have a great one, wherever you are in the world!

My Christmas decorating took many turns this year.


use what you have decorating- in this case, a cowl!




use what you have decorating- in this case, a cowl!





Winter Christmas


10 points for who knows what show  I am watching on Netflix 🙂


December Christmas…


December Christmas


In my defense…a lot of decorations blew over outside, so I brought them in. lol 🙂


Weeks before Christmas…


yarn ball Christmas tree


yarn ball Christmas tree


yarn Christmas


yarn Christmas


So there ya go!

Christmas is over.

I started decorating for Spring on  Winter Solstice Day.

I would show you a picture, but I have no idea where my camera is.


I think my son finally understands why I decorate the way I do.

He said to me the other day ” It’s so daaaark.”

Yes son. Yes it is.

I have to decorate early during the months where we have more sun ( which is hardly any ) because by the time Winter roles around I need all the white , pink and yellow I can get – to help combat the darkness.

Have a safe rest of the month and a Happy New Year!


Merry Christmas 2015