Random Ramble -Canva Creating!

Hey there!

What better way to distract myself from pain, then with Canva!

So while I have a brief moment of non-pain, I decided to play with Canva!

By the way, Canva has a new thing called Canva for Work..Awesome!!! I played around with it for awhile. My favorite feature so far is being able to save colors..Niiiice!

I found this saying on an old Seize the Day Boxed Calendar  while trying to de-clutter..

From 2012 ..hmm..lol. See…trying to de-clutter..

But here it is. Reworked into a picture :)

Always remember to be happy because you never know who's falling in love with your smile -Author Unknown


It says Author Unknown.

I must remember to get the new one.

seize the day box calendar



In other news!

I brought out the red rug for the holidays!

red rug for Christmas decorating 2015

So, a little bit here, a little bit there.

gathering supplies for Christmas 2015

Still gathering supplies. Making circles.

making crochet Christmas ornaments 2015

Who knows what they will become!!!

I may even have everything made by Christmas :)

I must go to work now. Have a great week!


Random Ramble – color fun!

Hey there!

How was your July?

Mine was crazy busy. Lots of events at work I had to create stuff for.

One of those creative moments entailed going to the thrift store. I realized then, how much I love thrift stores. ( where I live anyways. ) I love walking in and everything is arranged by color. I go directly to the colors I love!






woohoo! Saves so much time :)

Soooo…I had to go home and redo my closet……


colorful closet


Probably should have cleaned it before posting it for all the world to see…hmmm.

Maybe next time.:)

No biggie. My camera sucks ( and my apartment is a cave ) so I have to lighten the pictures up anyways..So much so –  you probably can’t tell what anything is :)

I’m calling it – Impressionist Photography –

mhm…that’s what it is…


And after that…the bathroom!


colorful make-up


I once read a book ( not all of it, just some ) about organizing for people with ADHD…or was it ADD…

Anyways..It basically said put everything where you can see it. Which is kinda…um..

a bummer, cause I would rather have it in a drawer..


It said you are more apt to put things away…this way..

Huh….It’s true..I do..How about that?

( No, I don’t have ADHD…Or ADD…as far as I know anyways…Just thought the book was interesting! )



colorful hair things


Well then.Fine…

Everything, o.k., not everything, but most used items out..

In that case..

I will go the Goodwill route and put all the same colors together!

Most of them anyways. :)


Onwards to the living room!

Books…red , pink and orange.


colorful books


More books…blue and purple..


colorful books

More books…white..

crafty book love

I’m getting into this color thing :)

Wonder what I can do next? lol

Anyone else do this?

It’s so darn satisfying..

In other news!!!!

I am sneaking in Christmas stuff!

A little stocking here……

sneaky Christmas decorations :)

A little stocking there…

sneaky Christmas decorations :)

Christmas music playing…

The tree ( a little 3 ft. one ) is up..No ornaments decorating it yet.

I’m gathering items from around the house that will go with my colors this year.

I bought the Farm Chicks Christmas book last year ( see red stack of books )

and am hoping to get a chance to use it this year!

Farm Chicks Christmas book

Yup, it’s August..Seems like every August I take a vacation and plan Christmas.

I get 2 weeks off this month! Yay!

But for now..I must get ready for work.

Bye for now!