Christmas decorating

Christmas decorating?

In January?

I know, it’s late…But New Year, New Kid!

I have been rearranging….a lot.

I thought I would take you back to August, where I left off.

Thinking and pinning Christmas ideas..

Remember this room?

I actually moved everything into the Living Room.

Like so.

Crochet corner before Christmas

I wanted to lighten everything in here for Winter..

Living room before Christmas

It gets no sun..

PicMonkey  to the rescue!

Crochet corner in the living room

It’s a little Crochet Corner!

So here I was, thinking and pinning..

I was liking Bright colors this year.

Colors of Christmas 2014

I was making pom poms..The color wasn’t exactly what I wanted.

But I kept at it.

Making vignettes..

Ready for a bright Christmas!

Moving things around..

Playing around with Christmas ideas

And then..

My son moved in!

And brought a lot of stuff with him.

I didn’t really have much time to redecorate for Christmas after that.

Kept the little tree.

Lit up Christmas tree

Bright bulbs and white lights..And my crocheted lollipop for a topper :)

Little Christmas tree

Made some different pom poms and a motif and strung them up inside a frame.

Also made one for the *fake* mantel we built.

( Using little shelves from Wal-Mart )

Hung 2 generic red stockings..

Christmas after Drake moved in!

And called it good.

Now that Christmas is over, it looks different.

My son woke up the other day and said to me..

Son : ” You changed everything “

Me : ” Yes..Now it’s time to decorate for Spring! “

Son : ” But that’s 3 months away! “

Me : ” Welcome to ..My Own Beautiful Mind.

Where I am always changing things around, usually ahead of the season. “

I start listening to Christmas music in July..

To take my mind off the heat..

I start thinking about Christmas decorating in August..

I start decorating for Spring in January..

It works for me..

Anyone else do that?

Oh well..

This pin says it all..


I like being weird.

Have a great week!

New Year, New Kid

Hi everyone!

After many months of no computer, only a tablet, I am back!

My son, Drake, moved in and he brought a laptop with him:)


Of course when we went grocery shopping we had to try on hats….

And take selfies…


selfie time!


He felt left out..

So he said to put a hat on too.



trying on hats


Not exactly my colors..

So we went over to the womens area.


blue hat with pom pom


O.k.More my colors..

Loved that pom pom!

And then I saw these….


fluffy pink ear muffs


Fluffy pink earmuffs!

Too bad I don’t wear



We took a day trip to Ashland yesterday to walk around the park and downtown.

How could we not when the sun was actually shining?

It’s supposed to rain the rest of the week, so now was our chance!




Meet my son, Drake…

Imitating ” The Thinker ”

He can be a goofball, just like me :)


lunchtime in Ashland!


Me. eating.

I must love that scarf. I wore it again.


My first crafty make of the year was making a printable to put above the computer desk.

I made it in 2 colors.

take time

First a green..


Take time to do what makes your soul happy

Then a pink..


It’s actually my take on this pin from my * Crafty Creative Quotes & Stuff *

Pinterest board.

I ended up using the pink.

Only because the frame I was slapping white paint on wouldn’t cover

the pink all the way! :)

The pink didn’t show up very well so I colored it in with a colored pencil.

Taped it to the back of the frame and..


take time to do what makes your soul happy



Instant art. Yipee!

That’s it for now.

Stay safe and warm ( or cool, depending on where you live ) this January!