Pinterest Christmas ~ Boards

Hi there!

How has your Summer been treating you?

I got alot done on my first vacation in August.

I have moved around rooms in anticipation of no light in Winter.

I have been playing around with my Pinterest boards, getting ready for Winter..




Pinterest Boards for Winter



I like to change them based on the seasons, kinda get them to match if possible..Colors and such.

I added two new Christmas ones this year.

The first is a Christmas board with bright things..



Christmas ~ All Is Bright ~ Pinterest Board




Here you will find things for a Merry & Bright Christmas!

The other one is Christmas digitals and printables.


Christmas ~ Digital Delights ~ Pinterest Board


Here you will find digitals of Clip Art and printables for parties,gift tags, etc..


I made a secret board of Christmas ideas and then I transfer them over so they are not flooding peoples feeds..

Not everyone gets ready for Christmas early like me. :)

It’s a bit time-consuming.Following old pins to make sure they are still active, especially the printables.

But, no sense in having pins that don’t go anywhere.

There are some though that I couldn’t find the origin, but I kept for inspiration.

Alot of pins are from people that have done ” round-ups ” , which is good..I just follow the link and pin from the original site.


So now all I have to do this vacation is decorate!

Which isn’t easy..since I don’t want to buy anything…much… :)

So I will be making most of the decorations.

The only downside…

My place is tiny and dark during Winter so I have to be careful not to have too much going on, or it will turn into a Dark & Gloomy area, instead of Merry & Bright!


I think there will also be some reading going on..

and candy..

and twinkle lights..

vacation reading 2



Until next time…

Happy Crafting!


Crochet Carnivale Cushion..What Happened???

Hi there!

Ah yes..The Carnivale Cushion I started..

Awhile ago….

Remember this?

Carnivale Cushion crochet-along


Whatever happened to that?

I got stuck on the pom pom  trim.I guess I wasn’t in the right frame of mind to learn how to do them.Too much other stuff occupying my mind at the time.

So what did I do?

I made do.

Like always. :)

It didn’t fit together stitch by stitch. Oh well. I just crocheted randomly around it..Different stitches..

Then left it.

Came back to it after seeing some ribbon I had with pom poms on them..

* Lightbulb ! *

I started playing around with it. I could glue it to the outside..


How about weave it into these big holes I had created doing my random stitches.


fake bobble trim

Sooo..That was done…But it didn’t lay flat..The edge was too floppy..

What to do..


I could put it on top of my stool!

This is what it looked like before..

Brand new stool!

That makeover was from my post here.

And I didn’t notice until I put the above picture in, that the pom pom trim I used is from those

puffy crochet cover top

It’s still floppy..But it looks better on a stool than on a chair.

crochet cover

Reminds me of a hat:) It’s very puffy.

And so now..It sits there..Near a wall.To see as I walk in the door.

Just to look pretty crochet stool cover

Ready for..

Nothing really..

Just to look cute:)

So now I am finishing a fall project.

I like the Fall weather, just not many of the decorations.

Fall project

Not really my colors:)

Fall crochet leaves

Some of the leaves are crocheted using the pattern from Attic 24..

Mine turned out different. Guess I did them wrong.

It’s still shaped like a leaf though! :)

Now that I am on vacation I can start decorating for Christmas!

Which usually takes me until Christmas to do, since I make almost everything myself.

How about you?

Do you start thinking Christmas things this early?

Until next time..

Happy Crafting!