A Very Minty Christmas- in July!

Hi there!

Everyone surviving the heat ( or snow ) wherever you are?


Just barely..ick.

I have a new crochet earring and necklace set to show off  you! lol

The original pattern is for Peppermint christmas candies from Petals to Picot.

She uses traditional red and white.

Those colors didn’t work for my costume , so I used pastels:)

Mint, white and pink.

Here are the earrings




Minty crochet earrings!


I love making earrings..Especially small ones.

If you make oopsies – such as -

One bigger than the other…

One of the holes bigger than the other…

etc, etc..

Most times it’s not noticed because you are either walking or moving your head from side to side.

Not alot of opputunity to see a straight full on view. Well, in my job anyways:)


Onto the necklace..


Minty crochet necklace!


This was the pendant. I hung it from some pink & white twine that I had from , like, 2 years ago.

Jenny & Aaron from Everyday is a Holiday like to wrap their products in twine ( and include taffy! YUM ).

*hmm..sidetrack thought…wonder if they will ever do a mint pastel candy line like these..For those of us who

just have to be non-tradional at Christmastime..hehe*

I made a purchase after Hurricane Sandy  and I had saved it, knowing I would use it somehow.

Doesn’t everyone do that?:)



Last picture of them together..


Minty crochet & earring set!


And in case you were wondering..

about the title…

about who I was dressed as..

I was  * Minty * from My Little Pony.

She even had her own movie!




A Very Minty Christmas!


It’s been so hot here…you know, it being Summer and all, I guess I just wanted some cooling Christmas thoughts

floating around:)

That’s it for now! Off to work before my 2 days off:)

Have a great day!


P.S. wait till I show you the birthday present I got.




…For a crocheter:)